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mon17jun19:3021:30Contact Beyond ContactEcstatic Dance19:30 - 21:30


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Contact Beyond Contact (CBC) is a practice that integrates Authentic Movement (AM), Contact Improvisation (CI) and Passing Through (PT) with other profound practices such as qigong, yoga, healing modalities, principles of behaviourism and energy work, mindfulness, leadership skills, proprioceptive and exteroceptive senses, somatics and the philosophies of Buddhism and Taoism. All of these practices are woven together to create a holistic integration of the Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.

Dance is a social and integrative practice that connects people. We are passionate about dance and endorse dance as an accessible healing practice for all. We believe that everybody can dance and that everybody has the capability to transform through dance.


There will be few sessions facilitated by different teachers who graduated from the CBC Facilitators Training Course.
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Nora Wendel +62 813 3924 2298

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[More about Contact Beyond Contact]

CBC creates a safe space for each individual, one where you are able to express, trust and transform by honouring your personal boundaries and the boundaries of others. The practice focuses on all our bodies, what in Greek is called Soma – the integration of Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. It is important to acquire an understanding of all the bodies to be capable of interpreting intentions, perceptions and insights, and acting through wisdom and love.

This practice will allow you to genuinely, energetically connect with yourself, an-other, the space you are working in and with nature; the world beyond the means of physical contact. Contact already starts from the space in between two bodies, before the physical skin to skin contact; the eyes need to come into contact with what they witness, the ears need to come into contact with the vibrations of sounds within and around us. We are living in an interactive space of frequencies that create energy waves. Energy waves entangled together create a field, and the field is interconnected with all material and immaterial aspects of our internal and external worlds.

CBC is a practice that develops and cultivates fine-tuned and genuine communication from within to connect with the world. Through the art forms of dance and energy work, we are given the tools to enhance and explore the metaphysical aspects of our existence.

In a CBC session you can expect to work on a few of the practices and concepts of experiential anatomy, somatics & energetics, breathing and energy work, meditation and mindfulness as well as on body language and communication skills of leading-following, push-pull, passing through; working in solos, partners and groups.


Who are CBC sessions for?

CBC sessions are open to all – whether you are an experienced dance practitioner/ healer or a complete beginner to dance, holistic and spiritual practices – CBC welcomes you to experience and practice. The sessions offer you a non-judgmental space to discover and deepen your relationship within yourself, with others and the world around you. All the skills and tools are all inclusive and take each individual into account, making it a practice available for all bodies and people of varying professional, cultural and religious backgrounds.

We look forward to welcoming you on the dance floor ♥


[Teachers Bio]

CBC was craeted by Vangelis Legakis, an international Dance Artist, Choreographer, Producer and a Therapist. He has been leading educational, cultural, arts and healing projects across the world for over 17 years. He studied BA (Hons) Dance Theatre and MA Choreography at Trinity Laban (London, UK) and thereafter furthered his studies by acquiring a Masters in Buddhist Studies from the Hong Kong University.

He is a yoga and qigong accredited practitioner and a therapist of different modalities (Craniosacral, Thai and Tsi Nei Tsang Massage, Deep Tissue and Holistic Massage, Neuroskeletal Re-Alignment Therapy, Reiki I, II and Master’s Level, Reflexology, and Cosmic Healing Qigong).

Legakis, having two distinctive paths in his life, the one of dance and choreography, and the other of healing and spirituality, has formed the philosophy Embodied Unity and the practices Contact Beyond Contact and Gliding Space. Embodied Unity is an integration of diverse Dance Languages, Yoga and QiGong, Meditation and Mindfulness. This integration is intended to enhance dance education, performance, dance technique and the choreographic process, and as a whole, improve the living standards and relationships we build in our lives.

Van is the founder and artistic director of Unity Space and The Van – L Dance Company, under which he spreads interdisciplinary art and healing festivals, projects and workshops.

UNITY SPACE | www.unityspace.org
The Van-L Dance Company | www.thevanldancecompany.com

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We offer Contact Beyond Contact | Facilitators Training Courses for people who wish to facilitate and spread Dance and Healing sessions across the world.

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(Monday) 19:30 - 21:30

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